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Golden Circle has a long history, with the introduction of its flagship product, Golden Circle Corn Oil in 1990s. Over the past two decades, Golden Circle has been dedicated to offering healthy cooking oils for consumers, launching the Golden Circle Sunflower Oil and Golden Circle Canola Oil. Having attained the Healthier Choice certification from the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, Golden Circle contains zero cholesterol and is free from trans-fat to give health-conscious consumers a better cooking oil choice!

A new member of the Golden Circle family is its Vegetable Oil. Using 100% super refined high quality Palm Olein, Golden Circle Vegetable Oil is naturally free from cholesterol, an ideal healthier choice for deep-fried and crispy dishes.

Product Range


GreenCircle GoldenCircleCorn1L

Golden Circle Corn Oil 1L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleCorn2L

Golden Circle Corn Oil 2L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleVegetable500ML

Golden Circle Vegetable Oil 500ML

GreenCircle GoldenCircleVegetable2L

Golden Circle Vegetable Oil 2L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleVegetable3L

Golden Circle Vegetable Oil 3L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleCanola1L

Golden Circle Canola Oil 1L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleCanola2L

Golden Circle Canola Oil 2L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleCanola5L

Golden Circle Canola Oil 5L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleSunflower1L

Golden Circle Sunflower Oil 1L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleSunflower2L

Golden Circle Sunflower Oil 2L

GreenCircle GoldenCircleSunflower5L

Golden Circle Sunflower Oil 5L